Lady Gaga sparks coloured contact lens trend

Lady Gaga sparks coloured contact lens trend

By Emily Tait

Lady Gaga has sparked many new fashion trends over the past few years, but the latest is for coloured contact lenses.

In the video for the song Bad Romance, one shot shows Gaga sat in a bathtub flashing large amine-style eyes at the camera.

It is speculated that this image was most likely computer generated, but the New York Times reports that young women across America have been trying to replicate the look with special contact lenses.

The circle lenses are coloured, sometimes in violet and pink, and make the eyes appear bigger because they cover part of the white of the eye as well as the iris.

"I"ve noticed a lot of girls in my town have started to wear them a lot," 16-year-old Melody Vue, who owns 22 pairs, told the newspaper.

Last week, Klayboi wrote on the Sydney Morning Herald"s website that he has been wearing coloured contact lenses for almost four years and said that he receives a great number of compliments when he wears them.

by Adrian Galbreth

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