Importance of kids" eye tests highlighted to head teachers

Importance of kids" eye tests highlighted to head teachers

By Alexa Kaczka

The importance of children"s eye tests has been highlighted to head teachers across the UK.

Some 23,000 letters were sent out to primary school head teachers by the Optical Confederation as part of its Children"s Eye Care campaign, Optometry Today reports.

This campaign, led by optometrist Polly Dulley, includes photographs of four Essex school children aged between six and eight undergoing sight tests.

"We want to ensure that all children starting school this September are encouraged to see their local optician for a free NHS sight test," the website reports Ms Dulley as saying.

She went on to say that poor eyesight can affect a child"s ability to learn, but is often unrecognised by teachers, parents and the children themselves.

Ms Dulley explained that it is not just poor vision that eye tests can identify, but many childhood eye conditions too, such as lazy eye and squint.

It was reported recently that lazy eye sufferer Ben Michaels, six, was advised by Great Ormond Street Hospital to play videogames for two hours a day to see if it helped to correct his problem.

Ben"s eyesight improved by 250 per cent in a week of doing the videogame therapy.

by Martin Burns

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