Beware of eye injuries, says report

Beware of eye injuries, says report

While eye injuries may be painful at the time, they often heal within a few days with no lasting damage to vision.

But a report by news.com.au highlights the need to be cautious about self-diagnosis that could threaten eyesight.

It notes "a big difference" between a corneal scratch or abrasion and a penetrative injury that might involve perforation of the cornea - the transparent part of the eye that covers the white, pupil and iris.

Even minor injuries can attract infection and could cause complications such as ulcers.

"Contact lens wearers may also be at increased risk of corneal injury if their lenses are old, improperly cleaned or improperly fitting, or worn for too long," it also notes.

It advises people to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an eye injury.

"By all means flush the eye liberally with saline or clean water, but do not delay seeking medical attention," it adds.

by Alexa Kaczka

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