Occupational eye problems mooted

Occupational eye problems mooted

While many workers must ensure they protect their eyes while undertaking manual work, there are a hidden set of symptoms affecting the eye that often go unnoticed by health and safety regulations, according to the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health.

Editor Joe LaDou said workers across the world are suffering an unprecedented level of occupational risk to their health - including their eyesight.

A recent report by the College of Optometrists (CO) revealed more than a third of UK workers are unaware of their legal eye health rights.

In fact, eligible workers can ask their employer to pay for a sight test if they use a computer screen or electronic till at work.

CO president Rob Hogan said: "While computers may not damage your eyesight, they can make existing problems more uncomfortable.

"This can include making it difficult to focus or concentrate or causing headaches, blurriness or tiredness."

Workers who work with computers should have their eyes tested every two years.

by Martin Burns

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