Easy to see winter football bounces onto the pitch

Easy to see winter football bounces onto the pitch

A purple and yellow football has been adopted by premier clubs who want players to be able to see it more easily in the winter light.

Designed by Nike, the ball will be in use until February and is the invention of Alan Reichow, the company"s research director of vision and science.

Not only will it help players perform better, it will enhance the experience for fans who attend the matches, the Times reported.

It is the culmination of three decades of extensive research at Europeans games he visited and from which he analysed images.

He used a spectrophotometer to "measure the relationship between grass and light", the Times described.

Dr Reichow has designed 17 tests to eyesight with the theory that even the excellent vision of sportspeople is not good enough to cope with winter conditions.

"You can see the letters on a wall in an optician"s clearly, but does that mean you can see a ball clearly when it"s going at high velocity?" he asked.

Many sportspeople who need vision correction choose contact lenses over glasses because they give wider peripheral vision and - perhaps obviously - cannot fall off during a game.

by Martin Burns

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