CooperVision launches healthy vision initiative

CooperVision launches healthy vision initiative

By Martin Burns

Contact lens manufacturer CooperVision has launched a new initiative to encourage young sportsmen and women to maintain healthy vision and take care of their sight.

The company is strengthening its commitment to local community athletes and teens through its Gear Up Grants program, which helps teens understand how healthy vision can improve their competitive performance both on and off the field.

As part of the scheme, the company will give away $25,000 (£16,300) in Gear Up Grants to help teens get their essential sports gear, including free CooperVision contact lenses for those who need them

Optometrist Dr Donald Teig has also partnered with the manufacturer to educate teens about the relationship between healthy vision and sports performance.

Recently, CooperVision formed a partnership with the US Armed Services to ensure military personnel can access its products.

Through the agreement, the company developed a new microsite where the armed forces can learn about the firm"s portfolio and purchase suitable contact lenses no matter where they in the world.

by Alexa Kaczka

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