Annual eye exams "essential to school success"

Annual eye exams "essential to school success"

It is important for schoolchildren to undergo regular eye exams to ensure that their vision is as strong as possible and they do not suffer in class, it has been noted.

Author and healthy living expert Beth Aldrich is partnering with Essilor to encourage families to put eye exams at the top of any back-to-school list.

She pointed out that good vision is important, not only in school, but throughout life when the eyes are need for a huge variety of tasks.

"Educators and eyecare professionals all agree that good vision is a critical component of academic success. Just as kids get an annual back-to-school physical, they should also have annual eye exams setting them on the path to a healthy, safe and successful school year," she said.

Ms Aldrich added that, if children are in need of contact lenses, then they should be worn whenever needed for optimum vision.

Meanwhile, Melanie Pickett, contact lens expert at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at the Indiana University School of Medicine, recently told Health Canal that products purchased from a disreputable supplier could have lasting consequences.

by Martin Burns

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