Routine optician visit saves grandmother"s sight

Routine optician visit saves grandmother"s sight

A grandmother had her sight saved after a routine visit to the opticians led to the diagnosis of glaucoma.

Jill Fox, 70, visited Central Vision Opticians in Regents Park Road to order a new pair of spectacles but the condition was identified by optometrist Bavin Shah, who spotted the complications during an eye test, the Hendon and Finchley Times reported.

Mrs Fox explained: "I knew what is was when Mr Shah told me, but I didn"t know how badly I had it. I was a bit shocked. He sent me straight to the hospital, so he obviously thought it was quite bad."

Mr Shah told the newspaper that the condition can become very severe if left untreated and can cause further complications such as haemorrhaging.

There was a similar case recently when a man from Worcester man praised a local optician after he spotted a bleed around the back of his eye during a routine examination, which could have caused blindness if not treated, the Worcester Standard reported.

by Emily Tait

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