Benefits of contact lenses "outweigh glasses"

Benefits of contact lenses "outweigh glasses"

The benefits of wearing contact lenses outweigh those of reading glasses, according to one expert, who has pointed out that they can be much less hassle.

Dr Jeffrey Walline, from Ohio State University College of Optometry, said that many people are of the opinion that glasses are far easier to wear on a daily basis than contact lenses, but this is not necessarily the case.

It comes after he led the Adolescent and Child Health Initiative to Encourage Vision Empowerment Study, the largest randomised trial of its kind, which found that contact lenses can help to improve quality of life in youngsters with vision problems, compared with glasses.

He stated: "Although contact lenses may require more adept handling, daily disposable contact lenses decrease this burden, and the fact that they may be lost or broken less often than glasses outweighs the slight increase in time spent inserting and removing them."

Recently, the Companies and Markets Contact Lenses in Sweden report found that people are continuing to ditch their reading glasses in favour of wearing contact lenses, consistent with previous years of adoption.

by Alexa Kaczka

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