Unofficial contact lenses "could result in vision loss"

Unofficial contact lenses "could result in vision loss"

By Emily Tait

People who purchase unofficial contact lenses online could find that the consequences are devastating, one expert has explained.

After the so-called "doe-eyed" contact lenses were allegedly popularised by Lady Gaga in her video for Bad Romance, thousands of teenagers have bought illegal products online hoping to achieve the look.

However, eye experts across the world have warned that the look achieved by the singer in the video was all due to digital enhancement and one specialist told the BBC that buying illegal lenses to replicate the style is a potentially very unwise decision.

"There literally is potential for somebody to lose their vision within 24 hours of an infection," explained Dr Assumpta Madu, from the New York Montefiore Medical Centre.

Her comments add weight to the debate over Lady Gaga's controversial look, which was recently highlighted by optometrist Dr Nelly Kim, who told the Vancouver Sun that she recently saw the novelty circle contact lenses for sale at a shop in the town centre but has no idea why people would potentially damage their vision by purchasing them.

by Emily Tait

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