Funds raised for child"s special contact lens

Funds raised for child"s special contact lens

Students at a US college have clubbed together to raise money for a special type of contact lens to help a girl with vision problems.

The fundraising team at Harrison College in Columbus, Indiana, helped to generate the $400 (£259) needed to provide the 13-year-old North Vernon resident with the device she needed, the Republic reported.

The child lost vision in one eye when she was four years old and the campus heard how she needed the money to purchase a specialty prosthetic contact lens.

Jeanni Urbahns, the campus community liaison, told the source: "Being a small school, it makes a difference with things like this. We"re a family, able to help each other and reach out to anyone else we can."

Meanwhile, fundraisers in Belfast have been clubbing together to help a girl who has been blind since birth to travel to China and undergo stem-cell treatment which is needed if she is to have any chance of seeing. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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