Biosynthetic corneas "can restore vision"

Biosynthetic corneas "can restore vision"

A new type of biosynthetic cornea can help to restore vision to people with major sight problems, experts have claimed.

The new study, from researchers in Canada and Sweden, has shown that biosynthetic corneas can help regenerate and repair damaged eye tissue and improve vision in humans.

Senior author Dr May Griffith of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, from the University of Ottawa and Linkoping University, said the study is important because it is the first to show that an artificially fabricated cornea can integrate with the human eye and stimulate regeneration.

She explained: "With further research, this approach could help restore sight to millions of people who are waiting for a donated human cornea for transplantation."

Recently, research carried out by experts at Tufts University School of Medicine showed that a protein known as galectin-3 promotes the growth of new blood vessels, and that targeting the protein can "significantly reduce" angiogenesis.

by Emily Tait

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