People "not handling contact lens properly"

People "not handling contact lens properly"

By Alexa Kaczka

While people who follow manufacturer instructions and buy from reputable suppliers are never likely to have any problem with their contact lenses, there are consequences for those who do not.

That is the opinion of David Gritz, a Montefiore Medical Center researcher, who told Reuters that the rise in ulcerative keratitis in the US is mainly due to the improper use of contact lenses.

A study by specialists at the facility revealed that, as the number of contact lens wearers in the country has rapidly increased, so has the number who have suffered from the condition through failing to correctly handle and store them.

Dr Gritz told the news provider: "People need to get properly fitted for contact lenses and seek follow-up care by an eye care professional. People need to listen to what their eyes are telling them."

Further advice was recently issued by the ARA, which said that taking care with contact lenses is essential if people are to get the most out of the products and stay safe, with a daily routine important so people remember how to look after them.

by Adrian Galbreth

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