All schools "should have eye screening"

All schools "should have eye screening"

New data has suggested that the majority of UK schools do not have eye screening procedures in place for pupils, leading to a major backlash from critics.

The figures from the AOP show that 70 per cent of schools in the country do not provide eye testing for students, which was described as an "absolute disgrace" by Bob Hughes, chief executive of the Association of Optometrists.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said measures need to be put in place to indentify and correct vision defects in children while they are young so that they will not go on to have a negative impact on their health.

"There are problems which can be corrected in young people"s eyes and yet it"s a buried issue, an unknown issue, that children are losing out on a good education because they can"t see," he told the newspaper.

It comes as the AOP urged parents to place an eye tests high on their back-to-school list, in order for their children to get the most out of the classroom.

by Alexa Kaczka

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