Eyewear "a big deal" for teenagers

Eyewear "a big deal" for teenagers

Teenagers are increasingly focusing on eyewear in order to showcase their fashion nous, one source has noted.

According to a post on Guampdn.com, one of the best ways of displaying a person"s individuality is through their eyes and as a result teens are buying sunglasses to enhance their appearance.

It added: "There are other teens that choose to forgo the typical glasses to go with something more subtle, yet just as striking - contact lenses. Coloured contacts are pretty popular - even though in a lot of cases they are not prescribed."

The source added that, although they can be more difficult to take care of than glasses, the variety of colours to choose from makes the products an "equal trend" in comparison to glasses.

It comes after Rose Pastore, writing for AAP News, said that some children are fearful of being teased for wearing glasses and may be suitable candidates for contact lenses, while those who play sport may also benefit.

by Alexa Kaczka

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