Computer users "need to protect eyes"

Computer users "need to protect eyes"

People who frequently use computers have been advised to ensure their daily eyecare routines are up to scratch to prevent problems developing.

Writing for the Ahmedabad Mirror, Dr Himanshu Mehta said that a big risk for people who regularly stare at monitors for long periods of time is dry eye syndrome, which can lead to soreness.

He explained that contact lens wearers need to make sure their eyes are sufficiently lubricated at all times of the day, while others should make sure they have eye drops handy to prevent dryness.

The expert explained: "Make a conscious effort to blink so that the tear film can redistribute itself over your eye. Look away from time to time, or even better, get up and walk about. Look out of the window at the sky or at a green patch."

Further advice was recently issued by the ARA, which said that taking care with Contact lenses is essential if people are to get the most out of the products and stay safe, with a daily routine important so people remember how to look after them.

by Adrian Galbreth

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