Ordering contact lenses online "needs extra care"

Ordering contact lenses online "needs extra care"

People who try to save money by ordering contact lenses online have been issued safety advice by one organisation which has claimed that the practice needs extra care.

The Noblewi Health Advice and Tips blog explained that many people make the mistake of ordering contact lenses online without first checking that they are using a reputable supplier.

However, the source stated that people can save money through ordering this way, as long as they ensure that the products they are purchasing are official and the prescription is correct.

"Buy discount contact lenses and you get exactly the same lenses as if you got them from your eye doctor. The prescription specifies the lenses and that"s what you get. The only difference is they"re cheaper," the blog said.

Recently, David Gritz, a Montefiore Medical Center researcher, told Reuters that while people who follow manufacturer instructions and buy from reputable suppliers are never likely to have any problem with their contact lenses, there could be consequences for those who do not.

by Alexa Kaczka

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