Coloured contact lens wearers "have plenty of choice"

Coloured contact lens wearers "have plenty of choice"

People who wear coloured contact lenses or are looking to invest in the products will find that there is a huge amount of choice, one source has stated.

The Watches Store blog pointed out that there are colours to suit every individual, from people aiming to slightly alter the shade of their iris to those looking for a complete optical transformation.

It explained: "Compared with classic contact lenses, coloured lenses are an easy way to focus on the eyes, using colours that are totally wild. You"ll have lots of fun with tinted contacts - particularly any time you show them off to relatives and friends for the first time."

The source added that, although many people like contact lenses which change the colour of their eyes completely, the majority opt for a lens which alters the shade of their eye slightly so their appearance does not change too drastically.

by Emily Tait

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