Bifocal contact lenses "can defy ageing"

Bifocal contact lenses "can defy ageing"

People in need of vision correction but hoping to avoid glasses for fear of looking older could consider wearing contact lenses, one source has suggested.

Dr Barry Freeman from hearing aid maker Starkey Laboratories Inc told the ARA that developments in the contact lens industry have enabled people to wear vision correction products without the need to invest in spectacles.

He noted that bifocal and verifocal contact lenses in particular offer an excellent form of vision correction without being noticeable to other people.

"Many people may put off doing something about hearing loss or vision loss because they don"t like the thought of wearing a visible hearing [aid] or thick glasses, and being thought of as "old" when they still feel young in other ways," Mr Freeman told the ARA.

by Adrian Galbreth

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