Bollywood star "heavily relies on contact lenses"

Bollywood star "heavily relies on contact lenses"

A major Bollywood star has revealed that she heavily relies on the use of contact lenses due to her poor eyesight.

Shruti Haasan recently posted on her Twitter account that her vision is so poor that she is "almost blind" and would severely struggle to function without the use of contact lenses.

"I"m almost 90 per cent blind without my glasses. I can"t see something that is two 2cm away from me," she said.

The 24-year-old actress added that she often neglects to say hello to people because she does not recognise them, and then immediately apologises once she realises the mistake she has made.

She then wrote: "Yesterday I wished [well] the wrong person! Also walked into a glass door! Everything was a massive blur. Long live contacts!"

Recently, TV presenter Claudia Winkleman revealed that she is "almost blind" without contact lenses and relies on them to read the autocue.

by Martin Burns

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