Good eye hygiene "is essential"

Good eye hygiene "is essential"

It is essential that people looking to take care of their eyes have a hygienic daily routine which can protect them, one source has stated.

According to HygieneExpert.co.uk, the increasing number of eye infections which people can catch means that good eye hygiene is more important than ever, and this can be achieved through preventative measures.

The website advised people to get a decent amount of sleep each night to avoid soreness, puffiness and fatigue.

In addition, a good diet may delay the onset of age-related conditions and encourage good overall eye health, with spinach, leeks, blueberries and fish all recommended by the source.

It added: "By stopping smoking the eyes have less chance of becoming sore and dehydrated. More seriously, smoking can cause irritation to the delicate vessels behind the eyes leading to premature development of macular degeneration."

Further safety information was recently issued by HealthyEyes.org.uk, which published tips including being extra careful when taking part in DIY tasks, specifically as there are 20,000 eye accidents a year in the UK as a direct result of people taking part in home improvement activities.

by Martin Burns

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