Wearing glasses "makes you look older"

Wearing glasses "makes you look older"

People who wear glasses to correct their vision are also making themselves look older, one source has claimed.

A report commissioned by the London Vision Clinic polled 4,000 people about the age of individuals who wear glasses.

The results show that each spectacle wearer was estimated to be 3.3 years older then they actually were.

For people over the age of 45, the results were even worse, as they were though to be an average of five years older then their actual age.

Psychologist Dr Glenn Wilson, who analysed the results, said the study highlights the "snap judgments" that people make about others when meeting them for the first time.

"In addition to glasses making you look older, it seems we still make the unconscious assertion that people who wear glasses are weaker and less confident. This association seems to hark back to the school playground," he stated.

by Alexa Kaczka

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