Choosing coloured contact lenses "an important decision"

Choosing coloured contact lenses "an important decision"

People hoping to change the colour of their eyes by using coloured contact lenses should take their time to ensure they make the correct decision, one source has advised.

Pamalan Imler, writing for Lon"s Article Dictionary, said that people with dark eyes will find it particularly difficult to find a lens which can subtly alter the shade of their iris, but offered them advice.

"There are contact lenses that have opaque colours, and this type really suits those who have dark brown eyes. Because this type of contact lenses is opaque in colour, you will only be able to see through the centre part of it," she explained.

Alternatively, the writer said that people can opt for hazel or violet lenses, as they can alter the tone of the eye without making a radical difference.

Earlier this week, an advice article on Malaya.com said that contact lens wearers benefit from excellent vision correction and great comfort, but only if the products are bought from an official supplier.

by Adrian Galbreth

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