Hygienic contact lens routines "are essential"

Hygienic contact lens routines "are essential"

One expert has warned that people who have a poor contact lens routine could potentially be placing their vision at risk.

Speaking to ABC online, Dr Jeffrey Lanier of the Houston Eye Associates said that the number of people suffering from eye conditions as a result of poor contact lens care is akin to an "epidemic".

He pointed out that people need to pay close attention when they are storing or cleaning the products to ensure that no bacteria comes into contact with the lenses.

"Abusing contact lenses is dangerous. Watch out for the symptoms - pain, redness and decreased vision. First thing you do is take your contact off. If it doesn"t go away completely you need to see an ophthalmologist," Dr Lanier advised.

Meanwhile, according to HygieneExpert.co.uk, the increasing number of eye infections which people can catch means that good eye hygiene is more important than ever and this can be achieved by taking preventative measures.

by Adrian Galbreth

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