Contact lenses "a good idea" for drivers

Contact lenses "a good idea" for drivers

Wearing contact lenses is an excellent idea for drivers who require vision correction, one source has suggested.

Contactlenses plus pointed out that, as 45 per cent of British motorists require vision correction before they are able to get behind the wheel, millions of people could potentially benefit from the products.

The source added that having good peripheral vision is an important requirement of being a driver, and this can be achieved through wearing contact lenses.

"If you"re not use to wearing glasses, you"ll be accustomed to simply moving your eyes to see around you at least part of the time, which you can continue to do if you wear lenses, and enjoy improved vision throughout that range," the organisation said.

Meanwhile, according to experts at the University of Utah, their latest creation, which helps drivers to navigate through touch-based directional devices, could also be used to help blind pedestrians.

by Adrian Galbreth

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