Acuvue contact lenses "have multiple benefits"

Acuvue contact lenses "have multiple benefits"

There are multiple benefits to be had from investing in 1 Day Acuvue contact lenses, one source has stated.

In a post on PR Fire, Contact Lenses Express pointed out that those who wear 1 Day Acuvue lenses can benefit from an embedded water-holding element which can help to prevent dryness.

"The water-holding element is like that found in natural tears. The technology creates a long lasting, silky smooth layer throughout the lens," it added.

According to the source, 1 Day Acuvue wearers can also benefit from all-day comfort which will not only enhance their vision, but also help to keep their eyes healthy.

The lenses also provide relief from the dryness that some people experience towards the end of the working day, the source said.

Recently, the Pointers for Parents blog said that the UV protection in 1 Day Acuvue Moist lenses is a must if people want to avoid the sun"s harmful rays damaging their vision.

by Martin Burns

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