Halloween "a great time" for coloured contact lenses

Halloween "a great time" for coloured contact lenses

By Emily Tait

Coloured contact lenses are an excellent option for people hoping to spruce up their Halloween outfit, one source has claimed

Ian Farquharson, writing for Helium.com, said that there are number of costumes which can be enhanced through the use of contact lenses, such as vampires, which have been increasing in popularity in the past couple of years thanks to the Twilight films.

"If you make the skin on your face pasty white and add a couple of blood red contact lenses it can create a great vampire effect. Red contact lenses are available in few different styles," it explained.

For those who prefer to dress up as zombies or werewolves, Mr Farquharson suggested that people buy lenses which can turn almost the whole eye black to create a suitably scary look.

Recently, Pamalan Imler, writing for Lon's Article Dictionary, said that people with dark eyes will find it particularly difficult to find a lens which can subtly alter the shade of their iris, but offered them advice.

by Adrian Galbreth

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