Crazy contacts for a fresh look

Crazy contacts for a fresh look

More often than not, fashion is all about attention to detail and the smallest accessories can also be the most mind-blowing.

Take contact lenses - many readers at this point will be picturing an almost invisible lens sitting on the tip of someone"s finger.

But imagine instead staring into someone"s eyes and they are wearing contacts that make their eyes appear to have blood red, white or black iris; an iris that swirls into a black or white spiral; one that appears to be blazing with fire or has an animal look about it.

Enter the world of coloured and patterned Crazy Lenses. Available at great, cheap prices on the internet, these monthly disposable lenses are the perfect accessory for a night out on the town or for some other special occasion.

They can be worn 30 days and then disposed of, or for longer if they are worn for short periods only and cleaned thoroughly in between.

They can also be ordered to correct sight, or with no sight adjustment for people who do not ordinarily need contact lenses to see properly.

by Emily Tait

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