Twilight contact lenses "will be popular this Halloween"

Twilight contact lenses "will be popular this Halloween"

By Emily Tait

As the werewolf and vampire craze shows no signs of abating, it is likely that Twilight-themed contact lenses will be popular this Halloween, it has been claimed.

According to the Body Jewellery Shop, coloured contact lenses have risen in popularity in recent times thanks to the wider range of designs and this is likely to continue thanks to the exploits of Stephenie Meyer's characters on the big screen.

Her Twilight saga features an assortment of werewolves and vampires, with the actors playing the undead required to wear contact lenses for the role - sparking a fashion craze worldwide.

"They have a deep blood-red colour with naturalistic shading and a dramatic black outer ring. This ring makes your eyes look really intense and noticeable - ideal for a bloodthirsty vamp," the source stated.

Meanwhile, Ian Farquharson, writing for Helium.com, recently said that there are number of Halloween costumes which can be enhanced through the use of contact lenses, such as vampires.

by Martin Burns

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