Contact lens wearers "should still have eye exams"

Contact lens wearers "should still have eye exams"

People who wear contact lenses should be aware that they still need to have regular eye exams, one professional has warned.

Dr S Barry Eiden, former chairman of the American Optometric Association, said that most people who wear glasses have regular eye checks at the opticians because that is where they generally buy their spectacles from, but for people who order contact lenses online eye exams can often be overlooked.

He said this is generally because people tend to order the same prescription every time without first finding out whether it has changed and he warned people to make optical health a high priority.

"If your prescription or vision is significantly off, you can get the problem fixed or, if necessary, start again with a new pair," Dr Eiden advised.

It comes after ophthalmologist Kruy Arv Pors of Preah Ang Doung in Phnom Penh noted that people considering buying contact lenses online will find that they can be an excellent means of enhancing their vision but must be purchased from a reputable supplier.

by Adrian Galbreth

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