iPhone images "could be used by medical professionals"

iPhone images "could be used by medical professionals"

Medical professionals could use iPhone images in order to identify eye problems, a recent study has suggested.

Experts from the University of Pittsburgh Eye Center evaluated three aspects of diabetic retinopathy by reviewing both the standard computer monitor and iPhone images for 55 patients, after which doctors then made recommendations for follow-up treatment.

They found that there was a "high consistency" of more than 85 per cent agreement between evaluations based on the standard computer monitor and on the iPhone for all the image sections tested, according to Dr Michael Pokabla, who conducted the research.

"There were no significant differences between evaluations and recommendations using the two systems, and the doctors rated the iPhone images as excellent. We conclude that mobile devices like the iPhone can be used to evaluate ophthalmic images," he added.

In other research news, Dr Yury Astakhov from the Pavlov Medical University in St Petersburg recently found that having low diastolic blood pressure may be a risk factor for glaucoma in people suffering from migraines.

by Emily Tait

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