Dry eyes "are common in the winter"

Dry eyes "are common in the winter"

Posted by Alexa Kaczka

It is common for many people to suffer from dry eyes over the winter months, a medical expert has claimed.

Dr Trisha Macnair, a community doctor in Milford, Surrey, said that the windy and cold winter weather teamed with heating in the home and workplace causes eyes to become dry.

She went on to say that people should make sure that they stay hydrated over the Christmas period as this can help to keep the eyes moist.

"Partying over the festive season and staying out late will not only make our eyes tired and dry, contributing to dry eyes, but it is also likely to dehydrate us," Dr Macnair explained.

Last month, ophthalmologist Kruy Arv Pors warned people that hard contact lenses can cause eyes to dry out as they prevent oxygen from entering the inside of the eyeball.

The expert went on to advise people against buying novelty lenses, claiming that they can put people's sight at risk.

by Martin Burns

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