Perceptual training "can improve vision"

Perceptual training "can improve vision"

The vision of older people could be improved through perceptual training, according to the latest report.

A study carried out by the University of California, Riverside and Boston University shows that the repeated performance of certain visual tasks that are at the limits of a person"s field of vision improves eyesight in adults older than 65.

UCR researcher G John Andersen, professor of psychology at the facility, said that with just two days of training in one-hour sessions with difficult stimuli, older subjects could see as well as younger college-age people.

"The improvement was maintained for up to three months and the results were dependent on the location in the visual field where the stimuli were located - suggesting that the brain changed in early levels of visual cortex," he explained.

It indicates that behavioural interventions are likely to be very useful for improving safety and quality of life as people get older, Professor Andersen added.

A recent multinational collaboration between Regensburg"s Institute of Human Genetics in St Louis, other partners and Genomatix identified a new transcription factor scan which identifies the genetic cause of retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited eye disorder which causes blindness.

by Emily Tait

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