Relief for Britain"s millions of dry eye sufferers?

Relief for Britain"s millions of dry eye sufferers?

Recent research has revealed that millions of people across the UK face regular pain, discomfort and inconvenience triggered by scratchy or sore eyes. According to the findings, more than one in three individuals lose at least one night's sleep each month as a result of problems with their eyes.

There is some hope in tackling the issues surrounding dry eyes, however, with the arrival of Rohto Dry Eye Relief. Research by the makers of this scientifically-proven treatment has found that a surprising number of British people are currently suffering in silence.

In a survey of 1,000 people aged between 20 and 60, the company found that millions of us experience persistent itching and soreness in the eyes. While a variety of factors were identified as aggravators of the condition, the effects of dry eyes on daily life can sometimes be devastating.

But, despite the worry and discomfort caused by dry, sore and itchy eyes, more than half of the people approached by researches said that they would wait a week or more before seeing a doctor. One in ten would wait longer than six months to make an appointment, while one in 20 might wait over two years.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of participants claimed that their eyesight was the most important of all five senses. So what are the symptoms you should look out for? What are the effects of the condition and what causes it? And, most importantly, how can dry eye be treated?

Dry eye and its effects

Almost half of those quizzed by researchers said that sore, itchy or gritty eyes had prevented them from getting a decent night's sleep. More than one-quarter claimed to suffer sleepless nights at least once a week, while 37 per cent reported problems on a monthly basis.

Dry eyes were found to be a problem for many in their day-to-day lives, with more than half suggesting that the condition could hinder their daily activities or negatively affect their happiness. Eight per cent had even avoided a romantic evening or sex with their partner on account of having dry eyes.

Common triggers

Holidays abroad, particularly those incorporating air travel, were found to be a particularly significant trigger for eye problems. One in four people complained of suffering dry eyes while aboard an aircraft, while almost 40 per cent had experienced uncomfortable eyes after swimming in a chlorinated pool.

For more than one-third of dry eye sufferers, problems started when they were aged between 21 and 30, while one-quarter of patients first had to deal with dry, gritty-feeling eyes when they were aged 15-20 years.

Treating dry eye

Thankfully, a revolutionary and highly-innovative eye drop formula has now been launched to address the problem of dry or gritty-feeling eyes. Rohto Dry Eye Relief is a clinically-proven treatment which contains a natural bi-polymer called HydraMed to bring rapid relief from dry eye sensations.

The active ingredient hyaluronic acid (HA) allows the drops to rehydrate the surface of the eye, helping to re-establish the natural lubrication and cleaning properties of tears. HydraMed also incorporates tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP), which can further help to repair the eye's surface.

No other product sold in the UK includes the unique, patented formulation of Rohto Dry Eye Relief. Those regularly suffering from dry, itchy or sore eyes may therefore be well advised to seek the treatment.

by Adrian Galbreth

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