Lasik "an effective treatment for nearsightedness"

Lasik "an effective treatment for nearsightedness"

By Alexa Kaczka

People who suffer from nearsightedness may find that Lasik laser eye surgery is the perfect solution to their problem, it has been claimed.

The Doctors for Visual Freedom noted that, as severe nearsightedness can be a life-altering condition, it is important to look at the different ways in which the condition can be treated, and laser eye surgery is one effective option.

As the procedure is considered safe by the majority of eyecare professionals, those undergoing the procedure are also at a relatively low risk, the organisation explained.

It noted: "While it is true that the results of Lasik are more difficult to predict if you suffer from severe nearsightedness, around half of patients do experience 20/20 vision after surgery and almost all surgeries result in 20/40 vision."

However, retired optometrist Dominic Devlin recently told the Daily Mail that many people have experienced problems when undergoing surgery to correct their vision and noted that contact lenses can be a far more preferable and effective solution to vision problems.

by Alexa Kaczka

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