Coastal welcomes Google"s online ranking decision

Coastal welcomes Google"s online ranking decision

By Alexa Kaczka

Vision correction specialist Coastal Contacts has welcomed the decision by Google to alter the way in which it ranks certain companies in search results in an effort to minimise the disruption accused by unscrupulous suppliers.

It follows an incident earlier this year when it was revealed that a disreputable optical company had abused the internet for monetary gain and betrayed the trust of its customers.

Terry Vanderkruyk, Coastal's vice president of corporate development, said there is "just no reason" for such an abuse of trust where there are so many positive ways to use the internet to build a business which creates a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.

"We applaud Google for their timely response to this issue and are pleased that they have changed the way they rank search results to make it harder for unscrupulous merchants to appear prominently in searches," he added.

It comes after an article in the Mirror pointed out that wearers can make big savings by buying their contact lenses online, with retailers often having a wider choice as well as lower prices, as long as the customer buys from a reputable seller.

by Martin Burns

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