Coloured contact lenses "must be prescribed"

Coloured contact lenses "must be prescribed"

By Emily Tait

Anyone thinking of investing in coloured contact lenses to spice up their outfit during the festive period should ensure that the products are prescribed by a professional, one source has warned.

A post on the Popular Hobbies blog pointed out that people may be putting their vision at risk by not purchasing official products, as there is no guarantee that the lenses fit properly.

"The problem with these lenses is that they can sometimes damage the eyes. If the lenses are made cheaply, then the paint used in them could cause some very serious problems," it explained.

According to the source, people should only buy the products from a reputable organisation and ensure they are fitted by an eye specialist.

Recent advice was issued by Sara Ward, writing for Wales Online, who said that people need to take extra care to protect their eyes over the festive period, such as cleaning make up away and removing contact lenses before bed.

by Alexa Kaczka

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