Contact lens users "should be fitted with the right product"

Contact lens users "should be fitted with the right product"

It is vital that contact lens users are offered a range of different products when they go to have their lenses fitted, one expert on the subject has recommended.

Writing for Optometry Today, Mike Broadhurst, an optometrist with three practices in the north-west of England, said that patients who feel like they are being given plenty of options will not believe they are being rushed into making a decision.

In this regard, they are likely to return for repeat prescriptions once they have decided on a particular lens, whether it be daily or monthly lenses or ones which treat a particular eye condition, such as astigmatism.

Mr Broadhurst explained: "The most appropriate type of contact lens for each person should be discussed with the patient. Explaining why a particular lens type is selected for initial fitting is vital in ensuring the patient"s best interests have been considered."

Further advice was recently issued by the Popular Hobbies blog, which pointed out that people may be putting their vision at risk by not purchasing official products, as there is no guarantee that the lenses fit properly.

by Adrian Galbreth

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