Hybrid contact lenses "could help motorbike riders"

Hybrid contact lenses "could help motorbike riders"

By Alexa Kaczka

People who regularly ride motorbikes but struggle to see clearly may benefit from hybrid contact lenses, one rider has claimed.

In an article in Dirt Bike magazine, a motorbike enthusiast noted that he turned to hybrid contact lenses after finding that hard lenses could be uncomfortable when riding and soft lenses could often come out.

According to the writer, he was prescribed the hybrid lenses by his optician, who noted that they would be a safer and more comfortable vision solution.

"They have been a complete solution to my problems when riding. I have constant perfect vision with or without blinking. I haven't had a single performance problem in over a year of riding with them," he noted.

Recently, ice hockey player Andrew Turner told the Star that he was having problems focusing during games and conventional vision correction was not as effective as it could be, so he opted to undergo Lasik laser eye surgery to solve the problem.

by Martin Burns

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