Contact lens wearers "can have eyelash extensions"

Contact lens wearers "can have eyelash extensions"

People who wear contact lenses can still benefit from having eyelash extensions, one expert has stated.

Writing for Hello magazine, eyelash technician to the stars Klaes Andersson said that many women looking to enhance their appearance with false eyelashes.

He explained that some key benefits of the extensions are that they are durable and waterproof, and also look so natural that other people do not realise that they are false, while those who need vision correction will not be left out

"They are fine to have done if you wear contact lenses, but remove them during the treatment itself," he said.

"[The extensions] give the appearance of always wearing mascara," the expert added.

In a recent article on Coffee Today, a writer named Stefani advised people to insert contact lenses before they apply any makeup, particularly eyeliner.

This will reduce the chances of the makeup coming into contact with the lens, she explained.

by Martin Burns

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