Laser eye surgery "a great way to improve vision"

Laser eye surgery "a great way to improve vision"

By Alexa Kaczka

People hoping to improve their vision will find that laser eye surgery is an effective option, one source has stated.

A writer on the Seer Press website noted that laser eye surgery is the way to gain 20/20 vision and can help to eliminate the need for other forms of vision correction, such as glasses.

The article noted that there have been some "horror stories" about laser eye surgery but it noted that these people only represent a very small proportion of those who have had the operation and generally the procedure yields excellent results.

"Even if the patient does not really achieve the 20/20 vision, a definite and significant vision improvement will be felt as reported by several other patients who have already undergone the procedure," the source said.

Recently, Dr Joel Hunter, founder of Hunter Vision, a refractive eye surgery centre in Florida, said that people who undergo the procedure will soon find that they recoup the costs as they save money on buying vision correction products such as glasses.

by Martin Burns

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