Regular eye exams "essential for vision protection"

Regular eye exams "essential for vision protection"

It is essential that people undergo regular eye examinations as a means of safeguarding their vision, according to one expert.

An article on the American Profile website said that many people make the mistake of letting years go by without having their vision checked, even though appointments can potentially help to spot severe conditions before they develop.

Dr William Trattler, an ophthalmologist at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care in Miami, Florida, told the website that doing so can detect glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy – two leading causes of blindness.

"From age 18 to 60, get an eye exam every two years. At age 60 and older, see the eye doctor yearly," he explained.

Recently, Dr Christine Sindt, chair of the American Optometric Association"s contact lens and cornea section, pointed out that contacts are among the safest forms of vision correction when patients follow the proper care and wearing instructions provided by their optician or the manufacturer.

by Martin Burns

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