Contact lenses "can be used during sporting activities"

Contact lenses "can be used during sporting activities"

It is perfectly feasible for people to wear contact lenses during sporting activities, one source has pointed out.

According to NewsMax.com, many people believe that it is dangerous to wear contact lenses but this is not the case, as they are actually less risky than other vision correction solutions, such as glasses.

The source noted that glasses could be smashed into the eyes during contact and ball sports, while the only risk with lenses is that they fall out, which happens rarely.

It explained: "The truth is that while it is recommended to not use contact lenses during water sports due to the direct interaction and contact with water, they offer a wider field of vision and enhance peripheral vision by removing all other interfering obstacles."

In a recent article in Dirt Bike magazine, a motorbike enthusiast noted that he turned to hybrid contact lenses after finding that hard lenses could be uncomfortable when riding and soft lenses could often come out.

by Emily Tait

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