Buying contact lenses for children "an important process"

Buying contact lenses for children "an important process"

People considering purchasing contact lenses for their children need to take a few important things into consideration during the process, one source has advised.

Talking to TodaysTHV.com, Dr Rishi Singh, an ophthalmologist at Cleveland Clinic"s Cole Eye Institute, said that age is not the only thing parents need to think about when investing in the products.

He pointed out that parents need to consider the maturity of the child and their own ability to monitor the child"s use of the lens.

The expert noted that the fitting of the lens would be a particularly important process, as the eyes of youngsters change more than adults do, so regular prescription changes may be necessary.

"They"re different, as far as the curvature and power that"s used and the power tends to change very rapidly, so a fitting would be probably something you"d want to do more frequently because an adult eye essentially is formed," Dr Singh told the website.

Recently, Barbara Aalbers, from St John"s Mercy Eye Care-Ballas, told STL Today that children are now wearing contact lenses at a younger age than ever, which is fine as long as they are aware of how to maintain and handle the products.

by Adrian Galbreth

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