Glaucoma test "enables improved detection"

Glaucoma test "enables improved detection"

A new test for glaucoma may enable more accurate and earlier detection of the condition, experts have claimed.

The procedure has been developed by a team led by Dr Eniko Enikov at the University of Arizona College of Engineering and uses an instrument which is simply placed over a closed eye and rubs the eyelids.

According to the specialist, it detects the stiffness and, subsequently, infers the intraocular pressure using a system of micro-force sensors, specially designed microchips, and programmes stored in its memory.

Dr Enikov explained: "It"s not uncomfortable. It"s equivalent to rubbing your eye for a brief period to find out if the pressure changes. If it does, we know by how much and if there is a proper outflow of intraocular fluid."

It comes after new research at the Kennedy Krieger Institute pinpointed the precise anatomical location where vision loss appears to occur in glaucoma, which could lead to new therapies to combat the condition.

by Martin Burns

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