Eye infections "not necessarily caused by contact lenses"

Eye infections "not necessarily caused by contact lenses"

The recent eye infections suffered by one contact lens wearer may not necessarily be due to wearing the lenses, one expert has noted.

Writing for Today Online, Dr Lim Li, a senior consultant ophthalmologist in the corneal and external eye disease service at the Singapore National Eye Centre, was responding to a question from a long-time wearer of contacts who had only recently begun getting infections.

The patient had developed infections when stressed and at the onset of colds and had theorised that this may have had something to do with the illnesses, rather than the contact lenses.

Dr Li recommended that the patient should have their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist, considering their problems had only just started despite years of wearing the products.

"In addition, since your myopia is high and you wear contact lenses the whole day, you need to have your eyes checked to see if they are healthy or if they are beginning to have issues related to hypoxia (lack of oxygen)," the expert added.

Meanwhile, a recent post on the Times of India website pointed out that hygiene is essential when using contact lenses but this is not always something which wearers remember, even though forgetting this can often lead to bacteria contaminating the lens.

by Martin Burns

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