Contact lens market "will grow significantly"

Contact lens market "will grow significantly"

The global market for contact lenses is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as use of the products increases, a new study has predicted.

A report issued by iData predicts that, in the US alone, the contact lens market is expected to reach over $4.6 billion (£2.9 billion) by 2017, something the organisation attributes to the popularity of products such as soft lenses and daily disposables.

It also notes that some of the companies to emerge as leading contact lens manufacturers in recent years include Johnson & Johnson, Alcon and CooperVision.

The research suggests that use of contact lenses among the baby boomer generation has been responsible for significant growth in the industry in recent years and this will only increase further as this demographic ages.

Recently, the British Contact Lens Association predicted a difficult time for the eye industry but said that the development of contact lenses will continue to thrive.

by Adrian Galbreth

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