Ranibizumab "will transform eye disease treatment"

Ranibizumab "will transform eye disease treatment"

The treatment of the eye disease diabetic macular oedema will be transformed thanks to the launch of a new drug for the condition, it has been claimed.

Nicholas Beare, consultant ophthalmologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, made the comments after Novartis Pharmaceuticals" LucentisZ (ranibizumab) was licensed to treat the condition, becoming the first pharmaceutical in 25 years to receive approval in the UK.

He led the clinical research investigating the efficacy of the drug and noted that its profile is comparable to that seen in previous studies for age-related macular degeneration.

"Ranibizumab has the potential to transform treatment for people with diabetic macular oedema in the UK. Ranibizumab has been shown to produce a rapid and sustained improvement in vision," the expert elaborated.

Only recently, Dr William Trattler, an ophthalmologist at the Center for Excellence in Eye Care in Miami, Florida, told American Profile that regular eye screening is essential for detecting the vision problems associated with diabetes.

by Emily Tait

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