Black Eyed Peas star is blind

Black Eyed Peas star is blind

A member of the R"n"B group Black Eyed Peas has revealed that he is officially registered blind due to a rare condition.

Allan Pineda Lindo, who performs in the group as APL.DE.AP, suffers from the genetic eye disorder nystagmus, which makes his eyeballs vibrate and means everyday objects appear blurry.

However, the rapper said that his love of music ensures that the disease, which also means he has severe nearsightedness, does not get him down.

"Until I discovered hip-hop, I felt I wasn"t going to accomplish anything. When I dance, I picture myself and the floor in my head. I"m comfortable not using my vision. I weave around my problems," the singer said.

According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, nystagmus develops in early childhood due to disruptions in the visual pathway from the eye to the brain and also occurs in a number of other eye diseases, including cataracts, glaucoma and albinism. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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