Clear vision "decreases road accident risk"

Clear vision "decreases road accident risk"

Motorists should make sure that they have a clear view of the road before setting off on their journeys, as failing to do so can increase their risk of being involved in an accident, according to Armor All.

The car care specialist said having a clean windscreen and vision free of obstruction is of the utmost importance particularly so in winter when the hours of darkness are long and the sun lies low in the sky.

It highlighted a report from the Department of Transport entitled Contributory Factors to Reported Road Accidents, 2009.

This shows that vision-related issues were the contributory cause of ten per cent of all UK road accidents in 2009.

Armor All recommends people make regular use of glass wipes or trigger spray equivalents to "quickly and efficiently remove road film, smearing and contaminants from both inside and outside the screen".

by Emily Tait

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